Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lots of changes!

Wow, once again it's been a while since I've written a new post. Lots have happened and I wanted to get it all in writing. 

I am (once again) pregnant. Into my second trimester and starting to feel a bit better. The first trimester was pretty brutal mainly with exhaustion. I only puked twice so far but the extreme fatigue was the worst! I'm still super tired but it is seeming to get better. It doesn't help that Dylan is still waking multiple times a night and I'm the only one who can settle him. I also babysit a 4 year old every other day and along with my busy 3 makes for a busy day. Yesterday I had a fetal assessment and baby looked good. I'm always so nervous when going to a fetal assessment and always expect that something is wrong. So far so good though and in July I will find out the gender. I was going to do a gender reveal party like my last pregnancy but I decided against it. It's hard to explain but I sort of feel like people would want to come to find out if its a girl and if its not then it will be disappointing. I will be excited either way. I think another boy would be very convenient and a girl would be really fun and different.  

We are also in the middle of a Reno. We are getting a new kitchen, new built ins around our fire place, a new mud room, new bathroom vanity, and a small cupboard in the basement for storage. We are also replacing all of our doors and closet doors to new ones and getting a new railing. It's super exciting because its all happening very soon and some has already been started but its crazy busy and stressful too. Frank wants to do a lot of the work himself which leaves me to keep the kids away and makes for some long nights for frank. Hopefully it will all be done by July 1st so we can plan a big birthday party for us with our updated house. 

Coming November!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Sick, Sick, Sick...

This fall has been brutal!! My family has been sick pretty much for 2 months now. We've had a few good days in between colds and flu's but mainly it's been pretty aweful. My kids are not fun when they are sick. They cry, fight with each other, wake up at night crying, get snot everywhere. I hate snot. Probably more than poop. Those funny videos of kids sneezing and snot goes all down their face can make me dry heave. Just writing about snot is making my stomach churn. Along with the colds came fevers. All of my kids have been on 3 separate antibiotics to kick whatever they had. Owen had ear infections, Gavin has Pneumonia, they all have had the flu... It just doesn't seem to end. I don't know what to do for them. I've been pumping them full of vitamin D. We've been taking probiotics, they get a vitamin every day,  I open windows, I use the humidifier every night in their room. Ugh... So frustrating. When we are all finally healthy, I'm going to be so anal about them being around anyone sick. 

On another note, Dylan at 9 1/2 months has started crawling. He's my earliest crawler and I'm so proud of him. He also has decided that he can stand on his own too. So any chance he has that he's up and holding onto something, he lets go and sees how long he can stand like that. It's really cute but I'm not sure I want him walking just yet. He's still sleeping very badly but last night for the first time, he went down at 7:00 with the other boys and then didn't wake up till 12:00 am. That was a first for him and I was thrilled. Eventually I'm hoping he will make it through the night. As much as I love my sleep, I kinda like cuddling up with him right now. He's only little for such a short time and he loves me so much. I like knowing that he is so happy right up against me. 

Owen is a little stinker. He's in the midst of the terrible two's and is a smart little thing too. He knows if we are trying to manipulate him and is also really stubborn too. He is cute though and we love him. I think we probably expect more from him because he can talk so well so it's hard to think that emotionally he's just little. Since getting sick this fall, eating has become a huge challenge for him. He started out in the 87th percentile for his weight on his 2 year appointment. Now at 2 1/2, he's below average. I think he's way too skinny and I worry everyday about his nutrition. I've been reading blogs, and magazines trying to come up with ways of getting him to eat but so far haven't figured it out yet. 

Gavin is loving preschool and is is very into lawn and garden tools. He's very helpful to Frank and I and loves helping us clean the house. He notices when things are dirty and gets right to cleaning so he can vacuum and wash the floors for us. I really hope this doesn't become an obsession. I keep telling him that I love that he cleans for me but what I love even more is to see him play with his toys. Sometimes he even gets mad at his brothers for playing because they are making a mess. He works in stages and hopefully this is just one of his stages that will eventually pass. (But not completely) 

Oh boy, I ran my first 5K race with Frank by my side. I wanted to do a separate post about the running thing but I'll do that later. I finished it though and was very proud of myself. 

Thats about it for now. I will try and upload some pictures soon.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughts on a dreary day...

Where to begin?? I have so many thoughts today. It's cloudy and dull outside and that always makes me feel down. Most of my thoughts today are depressing much like the weather.

I do however have one happy note. My youngest sister Brit had a baby girl last night! A teeny tiny little peanut weighing 4 pounds 16 ounces. Her name is Mya and she's beautiful. She was a month early so she'll be staying a little longer in the hospital but everything looks good, my sister is good, and
everyone is just thrilled.

It's been a while since I've been home to visit family. I talk often enough on the phone with them, chat on face book or sk ype but it's really not the same as physically being together. Through face book I see everything my family is doing together and maybe it's because I haven't seen them in a while but it's been super hard for me. I feel so left out, so far away from everyone. I now have 2 nieces that I haven't met yet and my family hasn't met my Dylan either. It just seems so unnatural to not be able to hold my families kids and for them to not know me at all. I'm so sad that I'm not able to have play dates with my sisters and let the cousins play while we chat about mommy stuff.

I left for winnipeg 12 years ago. That's a long time to be away. I know most people would say that I shouldn't complain about being away from my family because I chose to move here. But I moved here when I was 18. First of all, 18 is really young and I had no idea of what the future would bring. I knew I liked a guy a lot and I was having lots of fun in winnipeg. New friends, different opportunities, independence, etc... I never thought to myself "how will I feel when I start having kids and when my sisters and brothers have kids of their own". I never thought "I'm going to need my mom on days when I am sick and the kids are driving me nuts".  I never thought about how expensive it will be to visit and how difficult it would be once I had a family of my own. I just thought "I like this guy and I am having fun."

Now don't get me wrong. I have no regrets. (It might sound that way) But really, I am so happy here. I have a wonderful extended family that has been so supportive and has treated me like I was one of their own. My cousins are such great friends to me. The girls regularly come to visit me in my chaotic home and I know I can always count on any one of my amazing relatives here to help me anytime. I have an (almost) perfect husband who does everything to keep me happy. I have a very helpful mother in law and sister in law who loves my kids more than anything and who help out with them all the time. My life here is pretty darn good. I get to stay home and raise my boys, I have everything that I need or want, and I have made some really great friends. Life IS good. I think in a perfect world, I would have my families and friends all within 5 mins of each other. I think it would be nice to be able to afford to visit every couple of months or so and who knows, maybe one day we will. For now I guess the computer and phones are going to have to keep us in touch until the next visit. (November)



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life so far...

Life is busy!! I know this post is probably going to super boring to whoever still reads this blog but I need to keep writing things down to remember. I've done this before but I am going to write everything down in point form for now till I find some extra time to write a proper blog.

- I am running!! I never thought I would be able to run more than 2 minutes but now after about 3 months I am able to run about half an hour without stopping. I know it probably doesn't seem like much but for me it's huge! I'm proud of me.
- I am watching my friend/neighbors daughter 2-3 days a week. I must be crazy.
- I still don't like wine

- Started preschool and LOVES it!!! Yay!! When I pick him up from school I always ask him how his morning was and he always says "Good and great!!"
- He is HUGE into doing anything that an adult does. He doesn't play with toys. Lately he is into vacuuming, weed whacking, lawn mowing, and chain saw or any other type of saw.
- I can finally after 2 years of fighting it, get him into pants instead of shorts.
- He sleeps wonderfully at night.
- He's been seizure free for almost 2 years!!! We will start to wean him off his meds in November. Yikes!!
- If you tell him something is his Job, he will do it happily and to completion.
- Starting swimming lessons, gymnastics, and skating this fall.

- Cute.
- Talks non stop about anything to anyone.
- Love the Lorax movie and quotes it all the time. My favorite is "shut your mustache".
- Sleeps in a big boy bed in his brother's room. Also sleeps through the night.
- Will be attending music classes with me and Dylan this fall.
- Scratches when mad. Poor Gavin has horrible scratch marks all over his face and ears. I try to stop it but he's a quick little bugger.

- 8 months old
- has 2 teethies on the bottom
- sits like a champ
- rolls over and goes from sitting to laying down
- says mama, daddy, blahblah
- LOVES music and dances with his arms in the air
- LOVES tv.
- Horrible sleeper. Wakes every half an hour at night.
- Over all happy baby.

- Just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.
- Are still in love :)
- Addicted to "Breaking Bad" and watch it most nights all night.
- Really wishing we could sleep in or have time away from the kids.
- Got new carpet throughout the house and bought a new railing. (pics will be posted when the railing is up.)

Well thats about it for now. I know this is probably super boring. I'll try to post something a bit more interesting later.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dylan news

This is more for my benefit than anything but I wanted to give a little update on Dylan.  I like looking back and remembering how things were and what milestones they achieved.

Dylan. Oh my sweet Dylan. I love him so much and he brings so much joy to our family. He has the sweetest smile, he loves to jump, he just learned to clap, he loves tv, and he loves his brothers. Dylan just popped his two bottom teeth and I can see a bunch more about to pop through soon.

Along with all the sweetness a 7 month old brings, he's also driving me nuts!! I haven't slept since before he was born. He's been mostly sleeping in my bed because when he's in his crib for naps or night time, he wakes up screaming every 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes that is unless he's against me. I've heard a bunch of theories and ways of "fixing" him but so far I haven't come up with a plan that suits us. I've heard the Cry it Out (CIO) method or the Ferber method but those don't work for me because I have 2 other boys right next to him that wake up if they hear Dylan screaming. Also just plain and simple, I can't do it. I feel like a baby's only comfort in it's small life is that if they cry, someone comes to them. I want my baby to feel secure and loved and I just don't see how letting them scream until they give up works. I know that some people might think that Dylan is suffering by waking up every 20 minutes but for the most part he's a happy guy who eats and plays like any other baby. He's very much attached to me but so were my other babies and they turned out alright. I've been going to him when he cries and I get him settled by giving his soother, or shushing him, or holding him or nursing him. I put him back in his crib once he's settled and then leave. Some nights I do this up to 8 times before I go to bed. I probably should keep this up once I'm in bed but usually I'm so tired and I know he'll sleep if he's with me so I give in and let him sleep with me. I'm going to continue this for a while longer and see how it goes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After putting Gavin and Owen in the same room for the first night I heard this conversation. 
Gavin "Owen" 
Owen "Ya"
Gavin "Would you like a piece of roof?" (meaning a piece of the popcorn ceiling)
Owen "Ya"
Gavin "Ok, give me your hand"
Owen "Thanks"

The talking continued...
Gavin "Owen"
Owen "Ya?"
Gavin "Would you like me to go down my ladder and get my saw and give it to you??"
Owen "Ya"
Gavin "Not right now"

One more...

Gavin "Owen"
Owen "Ya?"
Gavin "It's time to go to sleep now. No more talking"
(Silence for one minute.)
Owen "I love Mister Ken" (his favorite singer)

Friday, April 27, 2012

My latest goals...

Lately I have been trying hard to find more balance in my life. I feel like I'm always all about the kids and what little energy I have left I give to my husband and friends. So after I started feeling better after having Dylan, I decided to become a "YES" girl. When a friend would invite me out I'd say "YES", if someone wanted to come over or go for a walk with the kids I'd say "YES". "Yoga tonight?" "YES" "Shopping?" "YES". Sometimes I didn't feel like going out or I'd be exhausted or the kids were challenging but I'd make a point of saying "YES". This has made a huge difference for me. People seem to call me more and I've been happier having people surrounding me all the time. I've been enjoying coffees, play dates, dinners, walks, etc... more than I ever have before. I love that I can count on friends to give me advice or just listen or lend a helping hand.

I've also started reading. I'm not a huge reader but I thought it would be better for me to sit with a good book curled up on the couch or in bed instead of watching the crap that's on tv. I still watch the crap but now it's not all that I do. :) 

I signed up for Yoga. Hot Yoga actually. I am trying it for one month and we'll see if I get the hang of it and start liking it. I went out, bought myself a pair of Lulu's and a head band and nervously signed myself up. I've only been to one class so far and I can honestly say that I didn't hate it. It was hot and I'm not use to sweating much and I'm definitely not very flexible but it was pretty cool. I'm sure once I get better at it I will like it even more. 

I've been trying to drink wine. I'm trying to enjoy wine. I've never liked the stuff but it seems like something so enjoyable and that I'm missing out by not liking it so I'm trying to develop a taste for it. It just seems so much classier than my usually spiced rum and coke.  On the same note, I'm not drinking anything with alcohol on week days. I'm not a heavy drinker by any means but I need to lose this belly fat and I figure the extra coke can't be too great for that. 

Wow, I have so many other goals like getting organized in my house, working out more regularly, having manicured hands and feet all the time, going on regular dates, meal planning etc etc... but so far all these things have kept me pretty busy. I love my kids more than anything in this word but I really do need to take some time for myself and do things I enjoy so that I can be a better mommy to them.